Top Graphic Design Schools in Tulsa, OK

graphic design image 1Three accredited schools in Tulsa offer degrees in graphic design. Students will not find many schools in Tulsa that offer degrees in this concentration, which makes finding a school in Tulsa relatively easy. Tuition fees vary by school, but most students pay only just over $10,000 a year for this degree, making Tulsa one of the least expensive cities to obtain this degree. Tulsa Community College, Oral Roberts University and Tulsa Technology Center all offer courses and degrees in this field.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Tulsa

Graphic Design Certification in Tulsa

Luckily, students will not need to take a certification test before finding a job, as graphic design artists can apply for internships and jobs immediately before or after graduation. Yet, some students who have already completed a degree program in another field may want to seek out a certificate program that requires less hours and money than an undergraduate or graduate degree. Since Tulsa’s schools that offer programs in design are few and far between, students might not find an in-city university where they can complete such a program. Widening their search to all of Oklahoma might help in this matter.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Tulsa

Tulsa designers make less money than designers in other cities. The starting rate is around $44,000 a year—a much higher rate than other areas of the country; however, once designers have a little more experience, the average designer will usually be able to advance to $55,000 a year, a significantly lower salary than most designers make in other cities. Those who wish to advance their training can make more than six figures. Logo designers make nearly $115,000 and service designers make $134,000—still much lower than other areas of the country like Boston or San Francisco.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has over 19 accredited design programs. The University of Central Oklahoma, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma State University all offer programs ranging from certificate to A.A. to B.A. to M.F.A. Classes may include studies in art, communication and advertising.

Oklahoma’s lack of schools that offer degrees in graphic design will be an advantage for students, as they will find jobs easier to find; however, Oklahoma does not have a high density of businesses hiring in this field, so students may need to move to other states to find work.