Top Graphic Design Schools in Tucson, AZ

graphic design image 1For artistic souls, creativity flourishes in the culture and charm of the picturesque landscape of Tucson. Just thirty miles north of Mexico, the surrounding mountains and desert scenery of Tucson attracts artists and other “creatives.” Tucson features some of the top public universities in the western region of the United States and is the second-largest populated city in Arizona. This area’s diverse citizenry relies on the talents of graphic designers to protect and educate them and aid them in navigating their daily lives. Tucson offers students a beautiful environment to learn the craft of graphic design.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Tucson

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Tucson, AZ

Education is a large investment in time and money. The first step before enrolling in a degree program is making sure the school is an accredited institution. For an initial test of accreditation, search for a school of interest on the Higher Learning Commission’s website. Next, find out the current and official accreditation standing of the school by contacting the Arizona Department of Education. Be sure to ask about complaints filed against the school. As a final research step, meet with potential employers to learn from which universities employers prefer to hire their candidates.

Graphic Design Certification in Tucson, AZ

Undergraduates can earn a graphic design degree with a two or four-year program. Currently, certification is not required to work as a graphic artist. However, proponents of the graphic design industry would like to see this change. Entering into the field before this becomes a requirement may make the process of becoming a graphic designer a little easier. If accreditation becomes mandatory, experienced artists already working in the field will likely receive certification on merit, a convention known as “grandfathering.”

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Tucson, AZ

The average salary for graphic design specialists in the US is around $51,000 per year. Half of all graphic designers in Tucson, AZ make from $43,000 to $54,000 per year. Although these numbers range below the national average, job seekers can find lucrative opportunities with persistence and diligence.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Tucson, AZ

The following institutions offer graphic design programs in Tucson:

• The Art Institute – Tucson
• ITT Technical Institute – Tucson
• Brown Mackie College – Tucson
• Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Chandler

Those who are looking for an exciting professional creative outlet to earn a living will likely excel in graphic design. Many firms need talented graphic designers to communicate their messages to the public in an interesting, memorable and clear manner. Excelling as a designer begins with obtaining a strong education. For candidates, choosing a program that suits them and meets their goals is crucial to their success. If chosen wisely, aspiring designers will enjoy a long and prosperous career.