Top Graphic Design Jobs

In today’s digital world, the prize for top graphic design jobs goes to art directors, web developers, and multimedia artists and animators. Each of these positions are key in designing animation and electronic imaging for movies, video games and TV commercials; writing html code to create interactive web pages, and direct creative teams.

Art Directors

With an average annual income of $80,000, art directors reign supreme for top graphic design jobs. Many have spent a decade behind a drawing board or computer not only creating great visual communications, but also honing their skills at conceptualizing and implementing creative campaigns. Art directors utilize those years of expertise to create strategic promotions that effectively convey a client’s brand in a cost-effective manner. The art director then employs and oversees a team of creative talent –photographers, graphic designers, web developers, and writers—to implement that strategy and promote the client’s brand.

Web Developers

Because we live in a digital age, front and back end web developers have become a hot commodity. Employers are seeking creative individuals who are also possess the technical capabilities of writing programming languages like C++, PHP or JavaScript. Web designers and programmers employ electronic scripting with dynamic graphics to digital formatting that is not only visually appealing but user friendly. The end result is a website, email, or electronic document that is easily navigable, projects the clients, brand and tracks how many times users visit the site. In some areas of the country, professional web designers can command salaries in the $60,000 range; especially if they are graduates of a top notch design school.

Animators and Multimedia Artists

Over the last decade, the demand has increased for animators, multimedia graphic designers, and artists who can produce special effects and animation for video games, films, and television. Prospective employers seek individuals who can take a two dimensional graphic and make it come alive by employing complex design principles and command of html code. Multimedia artists can work across several platforms—from print to web based formats. Animators will likely find full time and freelance work in larger metropolitan areas like Atlanta, New York, California or Orlando, Florida. You can expect to earn $62,000 if you are highly motivated and have a degree from a reputable design school.

Print Publication Designers

In spite of the high demand for digital designers, print media artists, packaging designers, and magazine layout artists are still highly sought after. As long as there is a need to package products, create labels, book covers, and sales kits, top graphic design jobs in print will continue to be plentiful. An entry level position at a local or nationally distributed newspaper, magazine or print production house can net an average annual salary of $25,000. Mid-level graphic designers with four to five years’ experience can earn $32,000. Senior designers with eight to ten years’ experience, managerial skills and an impressive portfolio can easily command $45,000 and up.