Top Graphic Design Schools in Long Beach, CA

grapic design image1Many schools in Long Beach offer graphic design degrees. Prospective students should not find it difficult to find a school that meets their needs. Most schools in this field will charge between $35,000 and $42,000 a year. The Art College of Design is one of the top schools in this field because their teachers are experienced graphic design artists. Also, the school works with local businesses to get students hands-on training in their desired design niche and familiarize them with possible potential clients and job prospects.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Long Beach

Graphic Design Certification in Long Beach

There is not certification test for graphic design. Students can simply graduate from an accredited university and begin looking for work in this field; however, some students may want to seek out a Certificate in Graphic Design instead of attending a school that offers a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field. A certificate program usually requires less hours and money; however, students will have a difficult time finding schools in Long Beach with this type of program and may find more schools that offer certificates in other parts of the states. If students stay in Long Beach, they may need to complete an entire undergraduate program.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Long Beach

Designers who work in Long Beach can expect to make up to seven percent more than other workers in this field around the country. Most graduates from programs in Long Beach will start out at $38,000 annually—which is higher than the average of most entry-level graphic designers. Once established, designers often make $57,000 a year. Higher paying jobs included visual interactions designers—this field will bring in $118,000 a year. Service designers also pull in six figures at $160,000 a year.

List of Graphic Design Programs in California

California has over 100 accredited design programs, making this state one of the top places to get a degree in this field. Cal Art’s has several B.F.A. and M.FA. programs. City College of San Francisco offers a certificate program and A.A. in this field, with students nabbing jobs as desktop publishers and multi-media animators. The number of schools in California in this field might make finding a job more difficult; however, California also has a high density of graphic design jobs with companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.