Top Graphic Design Schools in Denver, CO

grapic design image1Graphic design is an innovative and evolving field that arose after the technological advances to the 21st century, and is now a thriving and integral part of our society. From the smallest advertisements such as the logo on a cereal box to the entire layout and structure of a major company’s website, a graphic designer applies their creativity and knowledge to help illustrate the world in which we live.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Denver

Find Accredited Graphic Design Schools in Denver

Colorado has multiple institutes available to pursue a degree in graphic design, several of which are located specifically in Denver. Finding a program that offers quality courses in graphic design is as simple as conducting a Google search with the keywords “grapihc design schools in Denver.” A student can then decide whether they’re interested in pursuing courses to improve upon their existing skills and business, or if they’re interested in pursing a four year degree from an accredited university or community college.

Graphic Design Certification in Denver

While it is possible to posses the skills and creativity of a graphic designer without having obtained any formal training, in order to gain credibility and be considered a certified graphic designer, one must complete a four year program of study at a qualified academic institution to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design.

Salaries for Graphic Designers in Denver

The median annual income for a certified graphic designer in Denver, according to the latest statistics, is $51,000.

Graphic Design Programs in Colorado

Colorado’s multiple universities and community colleges tend to offer a selection of different courses pertaining to graphic design, and many of which also offer a full degree program for that major. Some programs to consider are:

The graphic design program at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
Digital Design degree at the University of Colorado Denver
Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Colorado
Graphic Design at the Community College of Denver

To anyone who is interested in pursuing a degree or taking courses pertaining to graphic design, it is advised to contact the Student Services office and request more information or make an appointment with an enrollment adviser.