Top Graphic Design Schools in Boston, MA

grapic design image1Boston, MA has seven well-known graphic design schools and students taking those courses number approximately 75,000. The total population of Boston is approaching 590,000 people with a total student population of roughly 124,000.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Boston

Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Boston

Three universities and two colleges offer degrees in graphic design with reputations that cross the major oceans. Northeastern University, Boston University and Suffolk University all have studies leading to a degree in graphic design.

Emmanuel College and the MA College of Art and Design both offer graphic design programs. One area university that has a graphic design unit is Walden University, which offers an online program for students who are in need of that level of flexibility.

Graphic Design Certification in Boston

Graphic Design Certificates are available from several institutions in Metropolitan Boston including the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, American Career Institutes or the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. Other institutions offering graphic design and accredited by the State of Massachusetts include places such as Anna Maria College, Assumption College, Becker College, Cape Cod Community College and Curry College.

A computer search of Accredited Schools for Graphic Design in Boston, MA, reveals an extended list ( of schools across the state offering graphic design classes. Another resource that may be helpful is also online (

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Boston

If you plan to live in the Boston metropolitan area and working as a graphic designer in Boston, you can look forward to earning an average of $52,000. This is higher than anywhere in the state of Massachusetts. However, it will still take seven to ten years to pay off the hefty cost of that education.

A student in any Boston school or university will pay an average of $44,500 (resident) for a graduate or undergraduate degree in graphic design. Students who come to Boston from outside of the commonwealth can expect to lay out approximately $47,100 each year for tuition. Additional expenses include books and supplies ($1,250 p/year) and room and board ($12,750 each year).

Although most of the programs are available in Metropolitan Boston, Springfield is in Western Massachusetts while Westborough and Fitchburg are in Worcester County and Dartmouth is in Southern Massachusetts. Whether you are looking for graduate, undergraduate or certificate programs, you will find them in Boston, MA.